MOODBOARD- 'Utopian bloom' is a printed fashion A/W21 collection consists of a variety of maximalist fashion
prints that are designed in mind of an modern-bohemian woman, creating an
contemporary style.

My first hand drawing was inspired by my grandparents garden and my childhood memories looking at nature where I grew up. I also drew inspiration from other gardens that I visited during my time at home in Norfolk. The gardens of East Ruston old vicarage also being a highlight of my inspiration to find beautiful natural floral inspiration, colour and geometric patterns within. Whilst thinking about my childhood, I remember myself to be a very imaginative. Daydreaming most days, abstract forms and vivid colours are inspired by a dream like reality. Tim walkers
magical and exquisite photography was a motive in creating a surreal 'ALice in Wonderland' style project.

I began painting from life to create direct depth to my pieces and examine up closethe patterns I could see in the natural forms. I was drawn to how I could producesomething so abstract from the forms whilst doing so. I came across modern artists whilst visiting galleries and museums that inspired me to experiment with colour inmy work. This really makes my work fresh and exciting to suit a winter collection. Some of my favourite artists were Lee Krasner and Kitty McCall, who both work with
colour, natural forms through large and interesting compositions with pattern. Whilst visiting the MOMA museum in Stockholm I got to view the famous Matisse cut outs, which have inspired me to apply abstract forms in my work in bold colours. I have
looked at the historical movement of fauvism for painting techniques from famous artists such as Andre Derain for ain for pattern, texture and colour.

Digital print



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